Friday, 17 May 2013

Best Supporting Actor 1998: Geoffrey Rush - Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love is a very fine and likable romantic comedy with a wonderful cast. I fine with its best picture win, though I don't think it's the best film of the nominees. But it's so much likable and sweet film, that there's just no way to resist it.
The film is fulfilled with a very decent and fine performances. All of the performances actually work very well for the film and I couldn't name any that was wrong (yes, even Ben Affleck did what he was to do).
Geoffrey Rush plays the owner of the theatre Shakespeare write for. It's not any serious role, it's a comedic role and Rush handles is very well. Though this performance doesn't have the depth and it's more of a comedic creation, than a character acting. But it works well enough for the film.
He first appears at the absolute beginning of the film in which he's being tortured and he must promise to pay the debt he has. He lies that Shakespeare has already written a play. In the very next scene he persuades William to really write this play. This scene is really great, just as all of the common scenes he has with Joseph Fiennes. Both of the actors handles their parts quite well.
Then later in the film Rush rarely appears. Even when he appears it's mostly a very brief moment. Though there are a few scenes that are a bit longer, most of the time he gets to be in the corner. But his best scene though, I would say was the scene that is not very long. It's the scene in which he's drunk. He was not only funny, but he also was believable, which he wasn't in the rest of his performance. I could easily believe him being drunk.
But anyway, it's not so much of a serious character acting. It's a very well handled comedic role that works perfectly for the film. I can imagine this role to be very forgettable. In Rush's hands it's at least a very fine and likable performance. There's just no way, you won't like his character. Why? That's a mystery...
The chances of winning an Oscar: He was the last. It's a minor comedic role and he won an Oscar two years before...

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  1. I think he's enjoyable enough, but just enough I don't think his performance is that special either.