Tuesday 3 September 2013

Worst Supporting Actor 2003: Anthony Anderson - Kangaroo Jack

If you believe it or not, I liked Kangaroo Jack much more, than anyone would expect. It's not the best comedy I've ever seen, but it's very fine and I don't regret the time I spent with it. I've had a good laugh at some moments, and though I wasn't laughing out loud, I enjoyed it enough.
Anthony Anderson plays the best friend of the leading character of the film. After the series of crazy accidents they gotta go to Australia and give an envelope to the man called Smith. As they find out in the plane, the envelope is full of money and another series of crazy accidents start when a kangaroo kind of steals the envelope.
The first wrong thing about this nomination is that it's a category fraud. Anderson is co-lead, so if he was worthy of a nomination, than in the leading category.
The second wrong thing about it is that Anderson simply didn't deserve to be nominated. I absolutely don't see what was so bad about his performance that they needed to nominate him. Of course it is not a character acting and it's not even a perfect comedic performance. But Anderson succeeded in what the film wanted him to, so I don't have a complaint.
There is no doubt about the fact that Anderson is overacting throughout the whole film and there is not a single convincing moment in his performance. But he is funny most of the time.
On the other hand, we have Jerry O'Connell in the leading role. He is also overacting, but most of the time it's just not funny. It's happens to be embarrassing, instead.
However, Anderson's performance has got some bad moments. For example the moment when he informs O'Connell's character that the kangaroo has stolen the money. Some parts of the scene are in the trailer, but I don't know why. I really disliked the way Anderson's chosen to deliver his lines.
Or the scene at the end of the film, where his character should be finally serious for a moment. This scene should really be touching and maybe here it would fit, if Anderson play it convincingly. But he just didn't. I didn't believe him that he means the lines he was saying. And that's not very good.
But I think Anderson succeeded in what the film wanted him to, anyway. He was at least funny and entertaining. And though I don't usually watch films that are bad, or have bad performances I think that there were much more performance that would deserve to be nominated much more, than Anderson did...