Monday, 7 September 2015

Best Leading Actor 1994: Paul Newman - Nobody's Fool

It's not a secret that I don't like films without a plot. Nobody's fool has got a very weak storyline. It's about Sullivan (played by Paul Newman), who...lives in a small village. And that's it. There's nothing more about this film. The script focuses on Sully's relationships with some of the other residents of the village. The biggest problems with it is that most of the supporting performances are pretty bad. In fact, Newman's performance (along with Jessica Tandy's) is the only watchable performance of the film.
When I say 'watchable' I really mean watchable. Not great, nor extraordinary. The leading character of Sully is not a boring character. His storyline just isn't interesting enough to set an entire film around him. It seems to me, as if the film was made just to allow Newman shine in a leading role.
Newman is fine. He is very realistic in his portrayal and he has definitely got enough charisma to lead to film. No matter with whom does he have a scene with, he is the centre of our attention.
It's all very fine, but the fact is, that it's a pretty forgettable performance. You know I don't like performances (or films) that are so authentic, that they are boring. And this is exactly that case. I even think that it's always better to watch a bad performance that you'll remember, than a good performance that you'll easily forget.
This is such a boring performance that I don't even know what to write about it. Because the only two things that are worth mentioning are, that it is realistic and that it's forgettable. You want me to point out one scene that is the standout of his performance? There's no chance I could do it. There is simply not a single scene that would even have a potential to be such. And a nomination for best original screenplay seems to be a very bad joke...
The chances of winning an Oscar: There must have been high I think. It's a film about him, as he is the centre of it and it was a long time since he had won before. He was the second or the third, at the very least...