Saturday, 20 February 2016

Best Supporting Actress 2015: Jennifer Jason Leigh - The Hateful Eight

I love The Hateful Eight. It's definitely one of the top three Tarantino films for me and I don't quite get the controversy around the film and this particular character, so I'm gonna ignore it in this review, because it would take too much time and I wouldn't be nice to feminists.
Jennifer Jason Leigh received her first Oscar nomination (which is kinda ridiculous) for portraying Daisy – an outlaw, who is being 'arrested' by a bounty hunter played by Kurt Russell. She plays the only significant female character one the film. It is portrayed in the screenplay, but in Leigh's acting, as well that Daisy is not normal in her head. Leigh shows it wonderfully from the very beginning by the way she looks around, or speaks.
The most important thing about the performance is how enjoyable it is, while it stays complex. Leigh greatly shows that her character has got nothing to loose. It's as if Leigh personally didn't have anything to loose, as well. Not only with her acting approach, as it really doesn't fit any acting method, but also with the fact she agreed on playing this character, because it took acting many risks.
Leigh is also excellent in creating a secret around Daisy. It is revealed in the last chapter of the film and in Leigh's hands it doesn't seem forced, at all. On the top of that she gets much many acting opportunities after the revealing and she uses it perfectly! In her final scenes she reminded me of Carrie (I guess it was on purpose) – it is a strange person, who is sadistic, wicked, crazy, but it's difficult not to fall for her. Leigh achieved a wonderful thing – we like Daisy and feel sorry for her, but we dislike her at the same time.
As the only woman of the cast, Leigh stands out not only in terms of acting, but her character as if didn't fit the plot. It's something that is done on purpose and she was great in showing this.
All I can say at the end is that after Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, we got another brilliant female supporting turn in Tarantino film.
The chances of winning an Oscar: I think they're higher than most of other people do. She's my dark horse for the film. I guess she's the second behind Mara. 

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Best Supporting Actress 2015: Kate Winslet - Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is a wonderful biopic about one of the most interesting figure of the recent history. In 2013 we've had an opportunity to see a film about him, starring Ashton Kutcher, but this one is much better, which was obvious just by the look at the name of the director.
Kate Winslet plays Joanna Hoffman, a Polish assistant of Steve Jobs. Winslet herself has said on various occasions that this woman looks nothing like her or talks like her in real life. I would probably say she was a miscast before watching the film. But then after doing so I have to admit that Winslet is able to overcome the differences between her and the woman she's portraying. Though sometimes her accent comes off as a little bit inconsistent, it's forgivable, as it doesn't distract you from the scene.
Winslet wonderfully understands the tone of her character and is very supportive to the plot, as to Jobs as a person. She knows, where her place is and she doesn't try to steal any scene for herself, because she knows it wouldn't fit the film. Except from one particular scene, in which she confronts Steve about his daughter. This scene is focused mostly on her character and this is an opportunity for Winslet to shine. We uses it perfectly and we are witnessing a perfect piece of acting. If I were to choose an Oscar clip, I'd certainly go with this scene.
What I love about Winslet in general, is her excellent screen-charisma. It is visible here, as well and Winslet uses it greatly and it's a pleasure to watch her working (just like any other time).
Joanna Hoffman is the only woman is Jobs' life to have an influence on him. She's the only one, who stayed there for him, who supports him. All of this is very well portrayed in Winslet's performance.
The cherry on the top of this film (and performance) is her chemistry with Michael Fassbender. These great actors are a pleasure to watch. I take for instance the scene at the very beginning of the film. They start the film with such energy that stay with it till the end.
The chances of winning an Oscar: As the time goes on, they seem smaller and smaller. She's won a Golden Globe, but it doesn't seem to matter. I guess she's the third, or the fourth. But this year is so wide open in this category that she might upset.