Sunday, 7 August 2011

Best Leading Actor 2010

5. Javier Bardem - Biutiful
I never thought I'll say this but in this case I really think Bardem was not very good. His face almost never changes throughout the film. It's just sad all the time. The film is actually not very helping him, because it almost doesn't have any story and it's only about the cancer dying Bardem's character and unfortunately it's too long so after an hour you wish Bardem's character's death. Misunderstood nomination...

4. James Franco - 127 hours
127 hours is Franco's one man show and he uses it. His performance is entertaining and charming, but in some moments he's overacting and overshadowed by the film itself. On the other hand, the fact is that he made the atmosphere of the film and if this character was played by someone else, the film as whole would look a lot different. And the film was great, so it proves his job was done well...

3. Jesse Eisenberg - The Social Network
Eisenberg's performance was a fine shock for me. Eisenberg gives a great, fresh and charming performance and I would never think that this type of role could be played as well, as it is. He is funny and dramatic where he should be and at the most he is greatly convincing. The truth is that his performance won't be remembered for ages...

2. Jeff Bridges - True Grit
A great performance of a great legend. I'm not saying that this was some wonderful character acting, but it's not necessary here. Bridges just knows what needs to be done and he does it. His voice-use is perfect and as a bonus we have a funny lines he said (I know it's not his job :))...

1. Colin Firth - The King´s speech
As a stammering king Firth gives a really impressive performance. Playing stammer is very difficult and many of actors would easily get into overacting. Firth does not. He knows exactly where is the line between great acting and overacting, so he always plays wonderfully. His final speech or scenes with Geoffrey Rush are just unforgettable and this is really excellent piece of acting...

My Nominees:
1. Colin Firth - The King's speech
2. Ryan Gosling - Blue Valentine
3. Robert Duvall - Get Low
4. Jesse Eisenberg - The Social Network
5. Leonardo DiCaprio - Shutter Island

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