Friday, 13 April 2012

Best Leading Actor 1969

5. John Wayne - True Grit
I have problem with this performance, but I can't name it. It's probably the fact that it isn't very good. Wayne just fails to create a complex and a believable performance. I'm not saying that it's a complete fail. He has got some nice scenes, but throughout the majority of the film he's overacting and that destroys the believableness of the character. Oscar win? For this? You must be joking...

4. Richard Burton - Anne of the Thousand Days
Almost everyone says that Richard Burton was very overacting in Anne of the Thousand Days. And it's a true, actually. Burton's overacting almost in every scene. He just failed to play the king as a man, but he played it as the king, instead. As if the king was something unreachable and unreal. But nobody can deny that everything he had to do was done. He had to seem like a characterless, unlikable and authoritative person which he actually was...

3. Peter O'Toole - Goodbye Mr. Chips
Though I haven't seen Robert Donat's creation of Mr. Chips yet, I think I could objectively rate O'Toole's performance. His portrayal of this teacher reminds me of a sinusoid. Some moments of his performance are really perfect and the other are almost terrible. Some scenes he's really overacting, it's almost a cartoon. No doubts that his performance could've even been worse and his performance make the spirit of the film, but it's still could've been also better...

2. Jon Voight - Midnight Cowboy
Midnight Cowboy is a cult these times. It's also the first X(or NC-17)-rated film to ever win an Academy Awards for best picture. I believe it's so wonderful mostly because of the performances. If Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman played it badly, the film would be the complete disaster. Voight completely succeeds to create a convincing performance that only proves how great actor Jon Voight is.

1. Dustin Hoffman - Midnight Cowboy
Memorable. That's the word that mostly fits to this performance. Hoffman gives us a great believable performance that you just have to see (shame on you, if you haven't). I think he was rather supporting, but it doesn't change the fact his performance is fantastic. He was not very much better than Voight, but he was more showy. And I'll always prefer showy performance to the subtle ones...

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