Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Musical Project: Best Supporting Actor 1972: Eddie Albert - The Heartbreak Kid

Before I've seen The Heartbreak Kid I didn't like it very much. The topic seemed to be nothing for me, but it surprised me. It's not anything mind-blowing, but I enjoyed it enough, so that I wasn't bored while watching it. Anyway, I think it should stay at the theatre, because I don't see a point in filming it, but it was fine enough.
This review is going to be a bit short (when you read this, you know if it is, or not), because there's nothing to say about Eddie Albert's performance in The Heartbreak Kid. He plays the leading character's (probable) future father-in-law that completely hates him. And that's all he's supposed to do. Hate the leading character.
There is not a single bad performance in The Heartbreak Kid. But Albert's is the weakest. It's not his guilt, it's just that he really has the least acting opportunities. He succeeded in portraying the hate and in the scene after dinner, (which is his only normal scene and) which is his best scene and which offered him a bit more to do, he wonderfully used the more.
The chances of winning an Oscar: He was at the bottom. There was Joel Grey, then The Godfather gentlemen and far behind them Albert...
By the way, this is my hundredth post... :)

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