Sunday, 23 February 2014

Best Supporting Actress 2013: June Squibb - Nebraska

Nebraska is certainly an enjoyable film, but it gets a bit boring at some moments. I liked some performances of it, but it's too slow to really touch me. I also didn't get why it was black and white, because there is no purpose of it, it just makes the film less entertaining and more bland - not in a good way.
June Squibb plays the mother of the actual leading role of the film played by Will Forte (no, Bruce Dern isn't leading, but I'll talk about it later, in his review). It is the funniest character of the film. She the type of a nice old lady that surprises you with very eccentric behavior.
I mean, this is a juicy role, but in Payne's direction and in Squibb's hands it becomes extremely lackluster. It could have been a scene stealer (and she was announced as it) and it is so much forgettable that I don't understand how did it earn so many nominations. It si so boring that it's even hard to write something about her.
All right, I can't say it was a bad performance. That wouldn't be true. The fact is that her performance is very fine. Her character is very likable (her performance is, as well) and she did everything that was needed for the film. But it seemed to me as if she was lazy to do something more. That she was lazy to give a bit more energy into the her performance, something that would make us think about it a long time after watching the film.
I also must add that I didn't like her character, at all. There is a scene at the cemetery. She speaks about the dead people and at the end of it she speaks about a man she had a crush on years ago. After she finishes, she lifts up her skirt to show the dead man what did he lose back then. This act of her seemed to me rather forced. As if it was there just to make us laugh. It seemed very unnatural. And Squibb failed to fix this screenplay failure. As if said to herself: My job is to act, not to fix the screenplay's mistakes. And that is the laziness of her performance that I was talking about before.
Her best scene would be probably some of her brief scenes at the beginning of the film.
The chances of winning an Oscar: I don't think they're big. She is the fourth, or the fifth. Fortunately...


  1. I would actually say she's third, given Nebraska's support and her last minute campaigning. Roberts has the Weinsteins on her side though and the advantage of a fierce, LEADING ROLE. But even Hawkins is getting some extra buzz right now! Do you think she could surprise?

  2. Haven't seen Nebraska BTW. I'm hoping I'll like it and Squibb though.

  3. You don't at least consider Dern CO-lead?

  4. I don't think she is great but I do think she's the best of the nominees, but then again I really don't care much for any of the nominees that much. I did like here quieter moments like when she defended Woody to her family, but I agree the part was a bit too broadly written.

  5. joe: I think right now the race is down to Lawrence and Nyongo'. The rest is there just to fill the number of five.
    Matt: He is a co-lead. But while I was watching Nebraska I thought of the campaigning. Some bloggers thought he's going to be pushed into supporting category, because there he would have had bigger chance. Not only I agree with that, but I also think that he would look better in supporting category. There are a few scenes in Nebraska shown from his point of view and he doesn't have that much of a screentime.
    If I compare it with e.g. Amadeus's case, when both of the actors/character are undoubtably lead. But in Nebraska there is only one leading character, that's how I see it.