Thursday, 24 March 2016

Next Year: Best Leading Actress 1981

The Nominees:
Diane Keaton - Reds
Katherine Hepburn - On Golden Pond
Marsha Mason - Only When I Laugh
Meryl Streep - The French Lieutenant's Woman
Susan Sarandon - Atlantic City

What do you think of the nominees? What is youre ranking? What is your predictions for my ranking? Tell us in comments! 


  1. I'll predict:

    1. Streep
    2. Sarandon
    3. Keaton
    4. Mason
    5. Hepburn

    Still need to see Streep myself.

  2. I've only seen Hepburn a long time ago and I wasn't overly impressed.
    My predictions:
    1. Mason
    2. Keaton
    3. Sarandon
    4. Hepburn
    5. Streep