Monday, 6 February 2017

Next Year: Best Leading Actress 2016

The Nominees:
Emma Stone - La La Land
Isabelle Huppert - Elle
Meryl Streep - Florence Foster Jenkins
Natalie Portman - Jackie
Ruth Negga - Loving

What do you think about the nominees? What is your ranking? Who are you rooting for? What are your nominees? What do you think will be my ranking, or nominees? Tell us in comments! 


  1. I think your ranking could be:

    1. Stone
    2. Portman
    3. Streep
    4. Huppert
    5. Negga

  2. I think,

    1. Stone
    2. Huppert
    3. Portman
    4. Streep
    5. Negga