Sunday 6 May 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1981

5. Howard E. Rollins Jr. - Ragtime
I didn't find any performance from Ragtime except from Brad Dourif's to be worthy of a nomination. Rollins gives a very fine performance in Ragtime. His character is very likable and he knows it very well. His creation of Coalhouse Walker Jr. is very subtle. That wouldn't be bad, but there are some scenes, he should show us more in. For example the short scene of the funeral. We can't read his emotions from his look, as if he didn't care about what's going on. And there are more scenes like this in the film. His performance is good, but I think he got his nomination more because of the likability of the character.
4. Jack Nicholson - Reds
Reds is an extremely long film, which is saved only by the directing and the performances. Nicholson's portrayal of Eugene O'Neill is effective enough and he did exactly what the film wanted him to do. He makes his character very complex. Nicholson is a great actor and that is reflected in this performance. Some of his reactions I found too overacted, though, but it's still very fine performance...
3. Ian Holm - Chariots of Fire
The old trainer that takes only good guys, so they can win "him" a medal. That is a short characterization of Mr. Mussabini played by Ian Holm. And he played it really greatly. He completely understands his character and plays it with a real enthusiasm. Everything needed is in this performance. And his scene of training is just wonderful. On the other hand, his final scene in the bar in which he was supposed to be drunk, wasn't very good...
2. Sir John Gielgud - Arthur
Adorable creation. This is the best subtle performance I have ever seen. The subtlety is the best and the most important thing about it. He is funny and charming in every moment and I really have nothing against this performance. It really is wonderful in every aspect. Just watch the film and you will love this performance too...
1. James Coco - Only When I Laugh
It is very hard to choose one from Coco and Gielgud, but in this moment I am going with Coco, though he is the first person (out of two - the other is Amy Irving for her role in Yentl) to be nominated for Academy Awards and Razzie Awards for the same performance. But it seems to be a bad joke. He created a funny likable and entertaining character which you will almost certainly love. He is just simply adorable. I'm not saying he wasn't overacting sometimes, but it surely is very enjoying...

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