Saturday 29 December 2018

Best Supporting Actor 2016: Lucas Hedges - Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea is a very solid Oscar-baity film, that works mostly because of strong performances involved. Lucas Hedges plays a young cousin of Casey Affleck‘s character, who lost his father.
Hedges very believabl
y portrays the grief after such loss. He doesn‘t overact it anyhow and at the right moment he keeps revealing small parts of the grief. Actually, the best thing about this performance is the fact how ordinary his character is. It is just a normal boy, who has got his own problems at school, or with girls. The scenes, in which he is trying to deal with the problems with girls in fact bring some needed humour to the film.
Very important thing about the performance is the chemistry between him and a leading actor Casey Affleck. These two have great chemistry and I suppose it might have been difficult to have a good chemistry with Affleck.
Even though this performance is great at his own, there are a few moments that mirror the inexperience in Hedges portrayal and sometimes you feel a slight uncertainty from his presence.
On the other hand I must say this performance has grown on me after a rewatch.
His best scene would be his emotional outburst in the middle of the night because of the freezer.
The chances of winning an Oscar: I guess he was the fourth slightly in front of Shannon, but both are of those ‘happy-to-be-nominated‘ cases.

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