Friday, 24 April 2020

Best Supporting Actor 2016: Dev Patel - Lion

Lion is actually a very fine film that has fot some great acting and very nice direction.
hough Patel plays the leading role of Saroo, I don‘t have a problem with his placement in the supporting category, as he doesn‘t appear until the half of the film. Before that, his character is played by Sunny Pawar, because in its first half the film focuses on Saroo‘s childhood. Even though Pate is able to continue in what Pawar had done with the character and does a great job by convincing us that he plays the same character, it‘s not as mindblowing, as with the Moonlight actors‘. The reason for that might be mostly because the age gap between Pawar and Patel is bigger, than between Hibbert, Sanders and Rhodes, so I can‘t actually blame Patel for that.
The strongest aspect of his performance is the on-screen charisma. Patel wonderfully portrays the passion and eagerness to find his way home. The story itself is not too juicy and his actions wouldn‘t be so interesting, had not it been for Patel‘s charm and presence.
also has chemistry with Kidman, Mara and the actor playing his brother. That is the relationship that defines this performance – the bullheadness he acts with makes a very strong impression.
Patel not only shines in the juicy scenes (like the argument with Mara
in the street), but also in the subtle ones. For example when he‘s searching for the place he was raised in, or the one at the end (SPOILER ALERT), when he finally meets his mother. This particular scene is overlonged, but you don‘t feel bored thanks to Patel‘s performance. (END OF SPOILER) Patel never allows the film to overshadow him (unlike Slumdog Millionaire) and this film definitely could have ended the same way.
The chances of winning an Oscar: The Bafta win might have boosted him put. He was fighting for the second place with Bridges.

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