Saturday, 10 September 2011

Best Supporting Actress 1968:Lynn Carlin - Faces

You know, I cannot actually say, I enjoyed Faces very much. I don´t like films, without any story very much and this film is a great example of a film of that kind. For me, it was terribly boring picture. I didn´t care about the characters, I only wished the ending. And ending is the best part of the film, actually, not even because, this terrible movie is ending.
The reason is Lynn Carlin. I think, her performance is the best of the film, even though it is not any excellent performance, at all. It is very good and realistic, but still not perfect, but I think, it´s not her guilt, because the screenplay is just boring. She actually does the best, she can, but the bore, that I felt throughout the whole film, I felt even in the scenes with her.
The best scene of her performance is in the end, when she is fainted and when she rouses. I´m not saying it ironically, she played the fainted person really wonderfully. I mean, you know, when some actors try to play a fainted person, it seems many times unnatural. But not in this case. I almost could not believe, she was not really fainted. And the scene after her awakening is just wonderful. With Seymour Cassell they made the only good scene in the film, which is actually good only because of their acting.
So I don´t think, that Carlin was bad in the film, she gives a very natural performance, but it happens to be overshadowed by the badness of the whole film...

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