Monday, 12 September 2011

Best Supporting Actress 1968:Ruth Gordon - Rosemary´s Baby

OK, let´s be honest: Who doesn´t like Rosemary´s Baby? OK, you don´t have to love, but at least you must realize, that it´s a very good and very well done film. Roman Polanski has always been a master of a great atmosphere and this film doesn´t make any difference in this fact. But the main question here is about Ruth Gordon´s performance. Was it as great, as the film?
Actually, it was. Her performance is the only funny character in Rosemary´s Baby, but it doesn´t take too much of the watcher´s attention, like (for example) Renée Zellweger in Cold Mountain did. Gordon is able to be funny, but still terrifying. She always appears in the right moment and brings a fresh air into the film. There are some scenes in the film, that would be absolutely uninteresting and forgotten, but Gordon makes them great. For example the scene of her first appearance. In the hands of any other actress (and it could have been even some great actress) there would not be anything special, but Gordon´s performance is just extraordinary.
(In this part I´ll have to write a SPOILER.) Even in the end, when we actually find out, that is the helper of the devil itself, her performance doesn´t seem broken or incompact. Be can easily believe, that this funny old lady is the devil´s helper. (THE SPOILER´S END)
You know, many actors and actresses should see this performance and play like this. Because Dame Ruth Gordon did an excellent job...

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