Saturday, 12 January 2013

Best Leading Actress 2012: Naomi Watts - The Impossible

I don't like disaster movies. I don't have a rational reason for that. I just don't like them, probably because there are so many bad disaster movies that I got annoyed watching them. I also don't like films, which beg you for your tears. Despite of that fact, I really liked The Impossible. Probably because it's not actually a disaster movie and it's doesn't beg you for your tears. And I can say I wasn't crying. I just felt really sorry for the film's characters.
The Impossible has got many great performances. One of them is given by Naomi Watts. She plays a loving mother and wife in the family that got threatened by the tsunami. Watts's portrayal of this character is very realistic. We never stop believing her, in any moment. There are some moments in the script that seem a little bit illogical. But Watts can handle them really greatly, that they almost seem completely reasonable.
Everything really works wonderfully in this performance. There is a moment in which her character, Maria, is in the middle of tsunami and spots her son floating away. In a second, she starts trying to go behind him, even though she threats her life. It's just what a mother would do - anything to save her son. this scene could've been played the very unrealistic way. But not in Watts's hands.
We completely consider her as the leading character, though, in my opinion, there is not a leading character in the film. I don't think she even has the most of the screentime. I don't even think, she has much more of it, than Ewan McGregor. Her performance is just so strong, that we feel her, even when she's not there. We regard her as the leading character and that means something.
Even though all of that, I have a blame. It's not actually Watts's fault, but especially in the second half of the film, when it concentrates on McGregor's character and when she doesn't have so many scenes, she doesn't have very much to do. Just lying on the bed and suffering, or just lying on the bed doesn't give you many acting opportunities.
But anyway, Naomi Watts gives a wonderful performance in The Impossible, there's nothing to argue about. It's definitely worth watching, because it may be one of the most realistic performances I have ever seen, that don't get boring from their lifelikeness. And that's not a little...
The chances of winning and Oscar: It may be sad, but I think she has the least chance of winning. This is not a role that the Academy use to reward and they will probably be waiting for her Princess Diana's protrayal next year. That could be it!

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