Sunday, 20 January 2013

Best Leading Actress 2012: Quvenzhané Wallis - Beasts of the Southern Wild

In every awards season, there is a small independent film, that gets more attention, than expected (Winter's bone, Vera Drake). This year it is probably Beasts of the Southern Wild. I usually don't like these pictures, but this one I consider one of the bests this year. The focus of its attention is the relationship between a little girl Hushpuppy and her father played by Dwight Henry.
Quvenzhané Wallis was five-year-old when she came on casting. She was lying about her age, because one of the rules to come on casting was to be at least six. She was so overwhelming, that the jury gave her this role anyway. I have to say I can't imagine anyone better in this role. Seriously, I doubt, if a child would be able to handle this role so perfectly. Many people criticise this performance, that it was not Wallis's work, but the directior's. I can't agree with them. It's true, that the director helped her a lot with building this character, but if she didn't have the talent, the director would not be able to do a thing. Therefore I will consider her performance, just like any other.
Hushpuppy is an extremely lovable character. She's a few years old girl and therefore you would say everyone loves her, because she's cute. Of course, she is cute, but that's not the only (or the main) reason I loved her performance. There is a wonderful chemistry between Henry and her (I've heard somewhere, that they really are father and daughter, so no wonder) and every Wallis's scene is a pleasure to watch (not just, but very much) because of her.
She portrays a girl, which thinks the world belongs to her. Her portrayal of a normal little girl, which has to confront some abnormal circumstances. She has to live in a world, which is not the best for a rising girl, but she also has dreams and imagination, which she shows wonderfully. Hushpuppy is a little girl just like any other, deep inside. She hates someone, when he drive her angry, but when the same person is kind to her, she loves her in a moments.
You may also say, that it didn't take her any effort to play this role, because she was playing herself, in a way. But who cares? Jack Nicholson won one of his Oscars for playing himself. I mean, why should we care about that. The only thing, we should give a damn about is that she really was perfect in front of the camera.
I can hardly choose her best scene, because she is equally great throughout all of the scenes. Probably the final scene, when the beasts finally come would probably be the best. But anyway, giving such a compelling performance in this age, is really extraordinary. Her nomination certainly is deserving. She may not win (and she probably won't), but who cares? I don't think she cares. Her nomination is a success itself and it pushed her carrier the right way. And that's beautiful...

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