Thursday, 21 March 2013

Best Supporting Actress 1945: Anne Revere - National Velvet

I already wrote I couldn't ever watch National Velvet to the end. I always started to watch, then it bored me, or I had something important to do, so I stopped it and couldn't force myself to finish it. Therefore you'd expect I won't like the film. But when I got through the critical part of it (which is the first 50 minutes), I really enjoyed it, because at the end it's really very solid.
Anne Revere plays Mrs. Brown, mother of Velvet - the girl who wants to win the national race. Revere's character is very likable. It's somehow the contrast to the character of Velvet's father. Though he isn't unlikable, he always cares only about the money, but Mrs. Brown doesn't care about the material things, on the other hand.
Revere handles this character fairly well, but her presence wasn't enough to make me watch the film till the end. It doesn't mean she failed somewhere. It only means she didn't have many things to do with her character. It's a very fine performance, very subtle one, but it isn't anything breathtaking. It's not so remarkable, that you will think about it a long time after watching the film, but her portrayal of this character was very decent. She did what she was supposed to. And she did it really well. She didn't do anything more than that, but even this is enough.
For some time in the middle of the film her character disappears from the screen. But when we see Mrs. Brown again, we realize we're happy to see her again. And that's the proof of the fact, that she gave a very good performance...


  1. I can never get behind a Revere performance she always comes off as terribly bland.

    1. I also noticed that and at the beginning of the film I even blamed her for that. But later I thought it's on purpose, because her character is so rational and thinks about something more, than do something...

  2. Well the problem she acts that way in basically every performance I have seen from her.