Sunday, 31 March 2013

I need help

Hello. I have a big problem with this blog.
Yesterday I've tried to add year 1964 under Best Leading Actor. When I wanted to save it, it didn't work and the blogger showed me an inscription 'correct errors in this form' (the inscription was in Slovak language, I just translated it). I've tried everything, but I couldn't help it.
Do you have some experience with this error? If you do, please help me solve it.
I also accidentally deleted Best Leading Actor column, but it can't re-make it, because it keeps me showing the inscription.
If I won't be able to fix this, I will either have to stop blogging (which I really wouldn't like to do, especially at this time, when I really have spirits for writing and watching), or I'll have to move this blog somewhere else (wordpress, or some Slovak, or Czech equivalent of blogger), but it will take me a hell of a time...

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