Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Best Supporting Actress 2011: Berenice Bejo - The Artist

To make a silent black-white picture in 2011 may seem like a real madness. But it´s not. The Artist is an extraordinary wonderful film, that is beloved by many people, just like the Academy.
This idea would never go well, if the performances in the film were bad. The actors must overact much more, than in a "normal" film to show the emotions and feelings of their characters. Berenice Bejo is really very good in her performance. She is funny and very likable as Peppy Miller, she dances very well, but I have one little problem with this performance.
If you look at Jean DuJardin´s performance he´s wonderfully charming and he is overacting as much, as it´s needed. His face-play is over the top, but it´s just how the old silent movies are played. Berenice Bejo unfortunately doesn´t do this. Her mimicry is never as bold, as it should be. We understand Peppy´s feelings, but Bejo becomes a little bit lackluster.
And if I should say her best scene, I couldn´t name any. It´s not because she´s not good in any, but she´s the same in every. None of her scenes is better, than the rest of her parts.
I´m not saying, Bejo was bad in The Artist, or she did the bad job. But next to DuJardin´s charming performance she is getting a little bit lost. Sorry Berenice...

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