Monday, 20 February 2012

Best Supporting Actress 2011: Janet McTeer - Albert Nobbs

Albert Nobbs is not actually this year´s award season´s very beloved film. Some people say, the main character of Glenn Close is not likable and that they didn´t care about him/her, but I disagree. I liked the film very much, but it was mostly because of the performances, because the script is really bad.
McTeer´s character is maybe the best of the film. It actually has got some depth and McTeer makes this character very likable. For me, it was not so, at all.
I would never believe, that McTeer is a man, but the characters in the film do. McTeer never gives up her femaleness and that makes her character unrealistic. For example the scene, she shows us the proof, that she is a woman (the scene the photo up is from) should be a shock for us, but it isn´t. From the first moment, we know, that Hubert is a woman.
It´s not only McTeer´s fault, even makeup designers should make her look more like a man. But it seemed, that Janet is not even trying to make Hubert look like a man. And there is a contradiction. Because she´s about to play a woman that wants everyone to think, that she´s a man, but she personally doesn´t want it.
But her performance is not bad, at all. As the film is ending, her performance is better and better and at the end it is really a honest and wonderful performance. But some scenes from the beginning should be a little bit better, because they are making her character unrealistic...

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