Monday, 6 February 2012

Best Supporting Actress 2011:Melissa McCarthy - Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids is a huge precious of Guild´s Awards, but at the Academy Awards there are only two nominees. Best original screenplay and best supporting actress - both deserving. For me it really is a very funny comedy, we don´t see very often. Last time I saw something similar was in The Hangover, or Borat and it was very long time ago.
Melissa McCarthy is wonderful in her character. Her role could so easily be extremely overacted, but McCarthy isn´t. She completely understood, what is funny and what should she do to be funny. Her poker-faced line reading is one of the most funniest performances I´ve ever seen. You can see, how McCarthy enjoys playing in Bridesmaids and so you do.
There definitely are moments in Bridesmaids, that I found embarrassing, for example the huge puke scene. But Melissa does everything she can do to make these scenes be something more than just a complete disaster.
What else to say? This is really how I imagine a Oscar-nominated comic performance...

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  1. The funniest performance of the year! When I saw the movie, I laughed the entire time! It's very rare for me!