Monday, 7 May 2012

Best Supporting Actress 1945: Ann Blyth - Mildred Pierce

Ann Blyth has got really more screen time than previously reviewed Eve Arden. She was playing Veda, Mildred's aloof daughter.
I have to admit that I really loved her after her first scene. It's at the beginning, when Mildred comes home and Veda runs to her frightened. Many (especially young) actresses would easily get into overacting in this moment, but Ann did that not. It was the first scene. The other scenes were really good, but they weren't any special for me. And it was happening almost throughout the whole film. Then came some scene, which was really great, but then again much scenes were just normal.
I just think that she was playing Veda as an innocent young girl, but she really was hurting her mother. In this way I liked more the portrayal(s) of Veda in the new TV series. She somehow failed to give us a complex performance. The way she was behaving depended on the lines she had written in the script, but it should depend on the character she was playing. Sometimes she was an innocent angel and sometimes a bloody devil.
I must say at the end that I wasn't disappointed by with performance, at all. It was fine and some of her moment were really very good, but some things she didn't succeed. And that's a pity...

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