Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Future of the blog

The first of all I would like to say sorry for the long time it took to do best supporting actor 1981. I had (and unfortunately still have) a lot to do at school, so I did not have so much time to watch films and write here. The other reason, why I did not even have the spirits to write, I will write about later.
As the title of this article says, I have been thinking about the future of this blog. I really love writing about the Oscar-nominated performances, just like I love to watch them. But you will probably understand me, if I say that I do not have a motivation. There are only two people (Hello, Fritz and Cole and thank you :) who have written something in comments ever! There are very probably not people which are really interested in my blog. But if there are some that like it and visit it regularly, please, let me know about yourself in comments.
My blog will very probably go on, because I really like doing this and I cannot stop very easily, but my motivation to write will be very small and it can end up just like best supporting actor 1981.
I know that there are lots of mistakes on this blog, but I'm working on them (for example I deleted my old years (best actor 1967, best leading actress 2005, best supporting actor 2007, best supporting actress 2008 and best supporting actress 1997), because they were my first years and I didn't know how to do my blogging).
I also know that my English is not any great, but I'm trying. :)
So, what is the conclusion of this depression of mine? I'm planning some reconstruction of the blog (deleting old years, rating performances with Mo'Niques etc.) and so I would be really happy if you wrote in comments, what do you suggest me to do to make my blog better. What should I change, what do you like, what you don't like? I would really like to know that.
And you can also write, which year would you like me to do next.

Thank you very much for everything.


  1. Hi!

    Sorry to hear all that. I know it can be disappointing to get no comments. I am a rather lazy person when it comes to writing comments even though I always want to...I guess my writers block also blocks my comment ability...Anyway, you should just continue. I think you're blog is just fine the way it is, no need for any changes! Just keep going, I really enjoy reading your thoughts and I try to comment more often! :-)

    1. Thank you for everything.
      The things I have written up were not about you. You gave me some comments and I completely understand that nobody has the spirits to write comments every time.
      What I wanted to know, is if there are even some people (or how many of them are there) that are watching my blog. And if there aren't, I wanted to know why.
      But thank you for the support and I AM going to continue. Just thinking about the next year... :)