Friday, 11 May 2012

Best Supporting Actress 1945: Joan Lorring - The Corn Is Green

'The Corn Is Green is the worst film of Bette Davis', say many people. I can't actually say that, because I have not seen many Bette Davis's films, but the fact is, that The Corn Is Green is really a boring and not very well done film. It's trying to be funny and touching, but it's not. I didn't care about the characters and I was bored throughout the whole film. but there is one performance that is trying to save the film and that is really great.
Unfortunately, it's not Joan Lorring's performance, but Davis's. Lorring is playing a girl that falls in love with the boy that Bette Davis is teaching. But her performance is really annoying. You will remember her performance a very long time after watching the film, but just because it's terribly overacted. There is not a single believable, convincing, or realistic moment in her performance. She was trying to create a funny and an interesting character, but she was just embarrassing, instead. There is only one good thing about this performance and it's the fact that Lorring was playing the same character throughout the film (unlike for example John Wayne in True Girt, etc.). But that's all. I can't even choose a best scene, so bad she was.
I have to admit that I thought I will like this performance before watching the film, because I used to like some hated performances before. But she really was bad.
What to say at the end? If there existed Razzie Awards in 1945, Joan Lorring would be the third person to be nominated for Oscar and Golden Raspberry for the same performance...

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