Sunday 7 August 2011

Best Supporting Actor 2002

5. Christopher Walken - Catch Me, if You Can
Walken is not actually bad in his performance of a father, but I haven´t felt in any moment of the film, that he was great, or wonderful. He was good, I can´t say, he wasn´t, but was he good enough for an Oscar nomination? I don´t think so...

4. Paul Newman - Road to Perdition
Road to Perdition is the film mostly about the relationship between father and his son. Newman plays the father and actually he is the best in the film. He plays an old and authoritative Mafioso and he plays it well. But I never felt like his performance is amazing. He´s never charmed me enough to say: "Wow!"

3. Chris Cooper - Adaptation
Some people think, he is one of the best winners. But I simply don´t think so. He did nothing in Adaptation. I can´t say, he was terrible and I can´t even say, he was bad, because I gave him on the third place. He has got some great scenes (and many times they are made by Kaufman (as a script-writer), he is greatly working with the voice and his ending scene is just wonderful, but I still don´t think, he did enough for an Oscar...

2. John C. Reilly - Chicago
In Chicago Reilly plays a husband of Roxie Hart, which is living in her shadow and he is actually a type of a man, you call "looser". Nobody cares about him and nobody notices him. Fortunately, the Academy noticed him and gave him a nomination. And he is actually wonderful. I have nothing more to say. To believe me, you have to see the film...

1. Ed Harris - The Hours
Even though Harris doesn´t have a big role in The Hours, I think, he was the best. A writer suffering AIDS is a great role and (it´s a type of a roles, which often are Oscar-nominated, but) Harris plays it amazingly. He´s believable and his monologues are excellent. I´d say, it´s one of the best performance ever...

My Nominees:
1. Ed Harris - The Hours
2. Andy Serkis - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
3. John C. Reilly - Chicago
4. Alfred Molina - Frida
5. Chris Cooper - Adaptation

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