Friday 12 August 2011

Best Supporting Actress 2010

5. Amy Adams - The Fighter
I honestly really like Amy Adams very much as an actress, but after this performance I was a little bit disappointed. She didn´t do anything in The Fighter. Some people like her performance very much, but I don´t understand, what is on her performance to like. Next to Melissa Leo and Christian Bale her nomination seems like a bad joke...

4. Hailee Steinfeld - True Grit
Hailee is actually great in her role, but it doesn´t seem to me like enough for a win. With Helena Bonham Carter she was a runner-up in my opinion, but I don´t see why. She was great, that´s for sure, but sometimes I found her unnatural, mostly in the beginning of the film. She has a great talent and I guess, you´ll not easily find a 14-year-old girl, which would play it as wonderfully, as Hailee did, but she still has what to get better in. And by the way, her role is leading...

3. Jacki Weaver - Animal kingdom
I guess, that Jacki Weaver´s performance was the only thing, I really liked in Animal kingdom. For me it was a very boring film, but the scenes with Weaver are good because of her. And the ending with her was memorable. I didn´t expect, she will get a nomination, but finally she got one and I think, that it was deserving...

2. Helena Bonham Carter - The King´s speech
I love Helena Bonham Carter, I love The King´s speech and I love the British style of acting. And here I had it all in one. Helena gives a wonderful, funny and charming performance as a loving wife of the Duke of York. She doesn´t spend a long time on the screen, but when she is there, it´s worth of watching...

1. Melissa Leo - The Fighter
After the great performance in Frozen River she gives another one in The Fighter. With Christian Bale she leads the film and she steals every piece of the watcher´s attention. No matter, what she said at the Oscar´s. She fuckingly deserved to win! 

My Nominees:
1. Melissa Leo - The Fighter
2. Juliette Lewis - Conviction
3. Dale Dickey - Winter's bone
4. Dianne Wiest - Rabbit hole
5. Keira Knightley - Never Let Me Go

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