Wednesday 10 August 2011

Best Supporting Actor 2010

5. John Hawkes - Winter´s bone
Hawkes has in Winter´s bone only two (normal) scenes and in the first he´s overacting and in the second he doesn´t do anything excellent. You probably noticed, that I didn´t actually enjoy the film very much and so didn´t I like the performances. The best is Dale Dickey and only she´d deserve any nominations. But it does not metter. I just didn´t very like Hawkes´s performance...

4. Jeremy Renner - The Town
He was loved after The Hurt Locker, so I´m not surprised for this nomination, but he didn´t do anything perfect. He has some good scenes (meeting in the restaurant and the scene on the photo), but it´s still not excellent. He was good and maybe he did better, than in The Hurt Locker, but I don´t think, it was anything genial, either...

3. Mark Ruffalo - The Kids Are All Right
Very nice and charming performance by him. His scenes with children are just great and even though he is sometimes overshadowed by Anette Bening and Julianne Moore, you will remember his performance as a very likeable...

2. Geoffrey Rush - The King´s speech
The scenes with Colin Firth are wonderful. His funny and cynical performace is one of the bests ever, he had just unhappiness, that the film, he was in, was released in the same year, as The Fighter. Believable and strong  performance and I would not be surprised, if he´s win. Geoffrey Rush just cannot play badly...

1. Christian Bale - The Fighter
This is a type of a performance, you never will forget. He is very overshadowing Mark Wahlberg and actually I think, he should be leading. Not because he has so much of the time on the screen, but because you will remember more him, than Wahlberg after (maybe) ten years. This kind of acting should be learned on the schools...!

My Nominees:
1. Christian Bale - The Fighter
2. Geoffrey Rush - The King's speech
3. Andrew Garfield - Never Let Me Go
4. Sam Rockwell - Conviction
5. Michael Douglas - Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

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