Friday 9 September 2011

Best Leading Actress 1977

5. Shirley MacLaine - The Turning Point
I can't help myself, but I've got a feeling that this role could've been played much much better, if played by someone else. MacLaine gives just nothing into her performance and I didn't believe she is a caring mother. She actually has one good scene and it's a scene of a fight between her and Anne Bancroft, but I still think that it was not enough for an Oscar nomination...

4. Diane Keaton - Annie Hall
This is an iconic performance, that is loved by many film-fans. But I think that it's loved because the film is great and legendary and not because of the performance itself. I'm not saying Keaton was not good in it, but I maybe expected more...

3. Jane Fonda - Julia
After this film I'm starting to love Jane Fonda. She was terrific in her performance of Julia and I just can't imagine an actress that would play it better than Fonda. She knew exactly what is needed to do in this role and she did exactly that. There just aren't moments in which she could show more of her talent...

2. Anne Bancroft - The Turning Point
It might be a huge surprise, but I really think that Bancroft's performance this year was great and played with a great charm and elegance. She really was very close to getting a win. The scenes with her are the best of the film (the scene of a fight (I was talking about before) including) and without her the would not be as good, as it is...

1. Marsha Mason - The Goodbye Girl
What a great performance! It has got everything that was important for her to give through this performance. While Richard Dreyfuss is giving us an extremely over the top performance, Mason finds the right way to handle her character even in the showy scenes. Though sometimes she was overacting, it's never more than the film can handle. Very well done!


  1. Wow!! What a surprise!!! I would go with Diane, but it's refreshing to see Anne win!!!

  2. Why is Mo'Nique's picture from Precious the picture for all of these nominees?