Thursday 1 September 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1954

5. Edmond O´Brien - The Barefoot Contessa
The Barefoot Contessa is just a boring, uninteresting and terrible picture. I don´t believe, someone can like that film. I was bored from the whole beginning to the end. And, unfortunately, O´Brien´s performance in it is as boring, as the film is. He did absolutely nothing in this role and I can´t believe, he won over extraordinary performances from On the Waterfront. Some things in the world, I will never understand...

4. Tom Tully - The Caine Mutiny
Tully´s character in The Caine Mutiny is terribly short and it appears in the film before the main story begins. This role is actually nothing itself. It doesn´t have any dramatic depth, it just is. But Tom Tully did the best, he could do. Even though it´s not him, who you´ll remember after the film, he did a very good job.

3. Rod Steiger - On the Waterfront
Steiger is really great in his role, but especially in the cab scene. But all of his other scenes are just overshadowed by Lee J. Cobb, or Marlon Brando. But he isn´t bad in these scenes, he just isn´t as good, ad the other actors are. But it still is a very good performance...

2. Lee J. Cobb - On the Waterfront
Excellent. Lee J. Cobb gives everything into this performance and the result is one of the best played villains ever. And his scenes in the end of the film are incredible. You will hate him, but you´ll be happy to see this great performance...

1. Karl Malden - On the Waterfront
I don´t even know, what to say about this performance. It´s wonderful. I can easily imagine, how the priest role could have been played very oddly. But Malden gives an excellent performance, instead, and he gives a character (or a spirit) into this role. Very well done, Mr. Malden...

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