Sunday, 25 March 2012

Best Leading Actress 2006

5. Kate Winslet - Little Children
This is such a strong year. All the performances are just excellent and so Kate Winslet's is. Her portrayal of a suffering middle-aged woman that finds another reason to live is just wonderful. Kate never fails to give us absolutely convincing performance and we completely understand her. We can greatly feel and almost touch her emotions through her fantastic performance. Someone just has to be the fifth...

4. Penelope Cruz - Volver

Volver though is a comedy says about very serious things, like murder, incest or rape. Penelope Cruz stands in the middle of many supporting characters and gives a great performance of a young but strong-minded woman, just like we are used from films by Pedro Almodovar. We sympathize with her character, even though it's not actually innocent. This performance just proves how fabulous actress Penelope Cruz is...

3. Meryl Streep - The Devil Wears Prada

This is the most entertaining and even most likable performance this year. Her Miranda is so funny character that we can easily forgive Meryl her overacting throughout the whole film. But it absolutely doesn't matter. This character shouldn't even be played with character acting, because it wouldn't work. Meryl just exactly knows what she's doing. And in the end she lets us to get under Miranda's specious steeliness. Meryl just can't play badly...

2. Judi Dench - Notes on a Scandal

This year though all the performances were really fantastic for me is about Helen Mirren and Judi Dench. Dame Dench's performance really is her best I've seen so far (still have to watch Mrs. Brown). The way she acts that she's a good friend of Cate Blanchett and then just soles and mentally harries her is just magnificent. Great, convincing and nipping performance...

1. Helen Mirren - The Queen

Helen Mirren didn't play the queen. She somehow became the queen. Her performance is convincing and authentic and she never fails to show us the queen as a human being not just someone more than anyone from us. She decided to play the queen as any other person that just happened to be the queen. In her specious calm she shows us as many emotions, as possible. Really deserving win...

My Nominees:
1. Helen Mirren - The Queen
2. Judi Dench - Notes on a Scandal
3. Meryl Streep - The Devil Wears Prada
4. Ivana Baquero - The Pan's Labyrinth
5. Penelope Cruz - Volver

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