Monday, 26 March 2012

Best Supporting Actor 2008

5. Josh Brolin - Milk
Josh Brolin definitely is a talented actor and in Milk he has showed us a performance he doesn't have to be ashamed for. But I still think that this character could have been played much much better. He is so lackluster that he gets overshadowed by everyone and everything in the film. Not even by the other actors, but even by the makeup in it. And the worst thing is that I really didn't see his motivation for (is it a spoiler? I think everybody knows) killing Milk. This is not completely his fault, because the screenplay doesn't really give him a chance do to something, but he doesn't even try in my opinion. Poorly written and acted character...

4. Michael Shannon - Revolutionary Road

Michael Shannon has actually a very limited role in Revolutionary Road, but it has its potential. And we can't say that Shannon doesn't use this potential. He does, but he does even something more. Sometimes he is very showy. On purpose I'm not saying he's overacting, because nobody can undoubtably say he is, because this character is mentally disabled and I don't think he played it this way, because he couldn't play it differently or more convincingly. I think he just chose this way to play his character. And I think he was very good. At least he gave us very interesting performance...

3. Robert Downey Jr. - Tropic Thunder

The Academy doesn't often nominate comedic performances, but when it does, it really is a worthy performance. In Tropic Thunder Robert Downey Jr. gives a wonderful, funny and entertaining performance that can either have conviction and parody inside. Playing an Australian who plays an Afroamerican Downey Jr. gives the funniest performances of the year (next to Cruise's). And the scene he has to cry in is just perfect...

2. Philip Seymour Hoffman - Doubt

Really a strong performance. This is a terribly difficult character to play, because you have to seem convinced, but your performance must be even doubtful. And Hoffman achieved this. But he also never fails to show us the portrayal of a priest. We actually don't know whose truth do we believe in, but we don't want to find out that this kind priest is a sexual deviant. I can't even say which of his scenes was the best, because he was fantastic in all of them...

1. Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight

This performance doesn't need any words...

My Nominees:
1. Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight
2. Ralph Fiennes - In Bruges
3. Philip Seymour Hoffman - Doubt
4. Emile Hirsch - Milk
5. Robert Downey Jr. - Tropic Thunder

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