Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Best Leading Actor 2012: Hugh Jackman - Les Misérables

I love musicals. I've been desperately looking forward to Les Misérables, since the first time I've heard about it. At the end I really loved it, though it's not the best musical I've seen. The songs of it are sung from the first minute to the last one. Therefore the only way of making it a film is actually the way Tom Hooper decided to go for and that's the way of letting the actors song all the songs live. This way they have the chance to better express the emotions through the songs. Every actor handled this chance greatly and Hugh Jackman isn't an exception.
He plays Jean Valjean, who I hope I don't have to introduce anyone. It's a legendary character that get from being a poor prisoner to a respectable man. This change of the character gives Jackman a great opportunity to shine. The question is, if he used it...
I knew Jackman is a talented actor, singer and dancer, since he hosted the Oscars. He was so perfect doing that (with equally perfect part of Anne Hathaway), that I doubt anybody in quite a long time can do the hosting better than he did. Therefore I think he was the great choice for this role. The question is, if he really was the best choice for this role...
The answer for both of the questions is yes! Jackman does absolutely everything he should. He's extremely charming in his role. When I was watching the first shot of the film the ecstasy fulfilled me and when I saw Jackman playing I felt like I'm in heaven. He really gave everything into his role.
All of his scenes in the beginning are really flawless. Then later his character becomes more supporting and it focuses on the young characters of the film. When Jackman appears in this part of film, he's not there for a very long time, but he does what he can. He's really a joy to watch.
At the end he again becomes the centre of the film's attention and his performance is really touching and emotional. His best scene, though I consider the very beginning and then the scene he wants to buy Cosette from Thénardiers, in which he never lets Helena Bonham Carter and Sascha Baron Cohen to overshadow him. He had a great chemistry with them, instead.
What is also great, is that he has got a great chemistry with Russell Crowe, as well. Crowe somehow failed to handle his character, but his chemistry with Jackman is undeniable.
But I also should mention one thing: The two most boring songs of the film are sung by him. They're Bring Him Home and Suddenly. Suddenly is there just to make the film another Oscar nomination, but Jackman does what he can and he's trying to help it. The song is just too pointless to make it somehow interesting. Bring Him Home would be fine, if it was shorter. I don't know how much Jackman could do with it, I just know it bored me. But I believe it would be fine just as it is, if it was shorter.
The chances of winning an Oscar: I doubt if anyone can beat Daniel Day-Lewis, but if there is a miracle to be happened, the miracle would certainly be Hugh Jackman...

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  1. A good performance in a very traditional style which works for the part.