Saturday, 16 February 2013

Best Supporting Actor 2012: Tommy Lee Jones - Lincoln

I usually start my review with an extremely short review of the film. But I'm not going to do it this time, because it'll be important to say in Daniel Day-Lewis's review and I don't want to repeat myself. The only thing you need to know is that it's definitely technically great, but I didn't enjoy it very much.
Tommy Lee Jones plays a congressman Stevens in Lincoln. The truth is that if this character wasn't played by Jones, it would very probably not be even nominated. The first reason is, that the film wants him to be nominated, so it always tries to remind us, that he's there, even in scenes, where he's there to do nothing. When he's supposed to just sit in the background. But there always is shot or two, so that we wouldn't forget his presence.
The other reason is, that Jones handles this character very well and in the hands of anybody else this character would be as forgettable, as the most of the supporting players in Lincoln. (Everyone was playing very good in Lincoln, but I will forget some characters and performances a two days after watching it, e.g. John Hawkes or James Spader.) Jones with his way of portraying this character will always be remembered, when think of Lincoln.
There is not a single scene he would fail. Not even his last scene (*SPOILER*), where we find out that he is living and is in love with a black woman. This scene completely destroys his character, but it's not Jones's fault. This scene, in my opinion, shouldn't absolutely be in the film. But Jones does what he is able to, to help his character not to be completely destroyed, but it's almost impossible to succeed. But he did the best he could in this situation... (*Spoiler ends*)
His best scene, though, is the one, where is forced to completely control himself and say that he doesn't believe in equality of everyone. That's actually going to be his Oscar clip, I guess.
The chances of winning an Oscar: It's either him, or Waltz winning...

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  1. Ahh he just is Tommy Lee Jones in this film he does nothing to really become Thaddeus Stevens. Jones is capable of toning down his accent, but here he seemed to honestly amplify it.