Saturday, 23 February 2013

My projects for the future

Hi there!
Now I know (and I knew it from my Jackman's review) that I won't be able to do best supporting actress 2012 till the big ceremony, I'm going to to it some time later, because I don't have spirits for watching some too new films. First of all I'm going to finish best supporting actress 1945.
And then I'm gonna start with one of my projects. So, what will my project will be about?
I will find one winner in every of the four acting categories. These four winners need to have something in common. So, for example if I choose to do musical project I will for example choose these years:
best leading actor 1956 - Yul Brynner for The King and I won
best leading actress 1972 - Liza Minnelli for Cabaret won
best supporting actor 1961 - George Chakiris for West Side Story won
best supporting actress 2002 - Catherine Zeta-Jones for Chicago
(note: This is just an example: I may choose these years, but I don't have to.)
So here are some projects that I'm planning on to do:
The musical project - winning performance is from musical
The foreign project - winning performance is from foreign language film, or the performance is (at least in some noticeable part) in foreign language
The only nominees project - winning performance is the only nomination the film got
The double-nominee project - winning performance had at least one college nominated for his performance for the same film in the same category
The Martin Scorsese project - winning performance is from Martin Scorsese's film

So now that you know some of the following projects, I would be happy for your suggestions of the years that would fit at least one of the projects...

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